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Due to your previous response to our “accredited Investor” campaign and our screening, you have been selected as one of the few VIP members who will receive the “first to view” investment opportunities we provide to accredited investors worldwide. You will see our investment projects about two weeks before they get released to our general network.

Below are the current deals we are working on and some specific details on each one of them. As part of your exclusive status selection to be among the "first to view" these projects and invest before we send them out to our general network; at this point you have the advantage to potentially style some of these projects below as you wish, should your investment participation be significant. These prime deals are first come first served basis.

Bridge Fund – €5,000,000 EURO total offering. This Bridge fund will invest in only short term, secure, high yielding returns. The Fund will harness the "speedy access to capital" needs of only the most secure situations. Min Investment €25,000 EURO.

Forex Fund - $10,000,000 EURO capital raise. This Fund will only utilize automated trading. Recent new technologies tied to an automated trading platform provides earning opportunities 24hrs a day, all automated and hedged. Major clearing relationships for years. Significant monthly returns.

Public Company 1 – $3,500,000 USD. Early stage biotechnology US publicly traded company. DNA driven technology related company. Development stage, currently trading at $2.00 USD per share. Excellent major upside potential. Global application. Minimum Investment $10,000 USD.

China REIT – $40,000,000 EURO. This China real estate fund will take advantage of the significant growth and expansion in China. Excellent government contacts and long term Chinese relationships. Investors in this REIT will have access to Chinese real estate (currency) appreciation.

USA Processional Golf Player $1,000,000 USD. This gentleman seeks funding to get his “Tour Card” and compete for million dollar earnings on the USA and Europe professional golf tours. Young aggressive and Tiger talented.

USA Foreclosure Real Estate Company $25,000,000 USD. – This USA public company currently operates an international listing website for both residential and commercial real estate for sale. Their high level real estate banking contacts have asked them to “list” thousands of USA foreclosures on their web site. This opportunity provides the company with “first to view” all the deals. The Company will only acquire the very best of the best foreclosure deals for themselves and then list the rest. Buying commercial real estate for pennies and at a 70% discount is their goal. Side deals for investors are anticipated. Minimum investment $100,000 USD.

Corporate Debt Offering - $10,000,000 USD. This USA based oil and gas company is seeking funding to drill more wells. Current producing sites with proven reserves. Minimum investment $100,000. Your principle is guaranteed by AAA rated third party guarantor. Significant returns in this deal and safe.

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